The CAI promises that all of its members will provide:-


Members must comply with the exacting standards laid down b y the CAI's codes of practice, using only materials and methods approved to BSI and other European standards. This ensures the best possible results.


Members use only competent and trained personnel.


Members' work is regularly monitored by the CAI.


Members must demonstrate long term commitment to the industry and have been trading for a minimum of 12 months.


Members guarantee their installations for a minimum of 12 months but, in addition , the CAI undertakes to guarantee their workmanship for this period in respect of individual receiving systems only.


Members are required to carry full insurance cover. The CAI will fully investigate any complaint it receives and is empowered to impose sanctions on its members if necessary.


The CONFEDERATION OF AERIAL INDUSTRIES LTD (or CAI as it is more commonly known) is THE recognised body for the aerial and satellite industry.

The CAI represents over 400 members nationwide covering all aspects from manufacture to final installation and maintenance of TV, radio and satellite antennas for domestic and communal systems.

The CAI's objectives are:-

"The confederation aims to raise standards within the industry; to represent members to Government, local authorities, national bodies, etc to unite the industry on its common aims; to keep abreast of technological change.

Applicants for membership have to satisfy the Executive council that their company conducts a sound and reputable business as a contractor, manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer either for domestic aerial installations, MATV, SMATV, or CATV systems, entryphone and warden call, or other communication systems. Applicants must also:



employ staff competent for the type of business being conducted
  (b) conform to all standards or codes of practice adopted by the confederation from time to time for members, as well as any international or British standards appropriate to their business;
  (c) agree to the examination and test of any equipment manufactured or supplied, the inspection of any installation or investigation into conduct which could have a detrimental effect on the reputation of the confederation or any of its members.
  (d) guarantee any aerial, equiptment and/or installation work for a minimium period of 12 months, and in default undertake to pay all the expenses of the confederation in carrying out all remedial work, including replacement equipment"
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